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Photography Internship

Looking for an intern who would like the experience of adding static and dynamic visual recordings of events and curriculum to the Empowerteen program. An understanding of what would draw the attention of the teenage population and their parents into learning more about this beneficial program through photos, and educational, promotional, and inspirational photos and memes would make you an ideal candidate. The intern will be working on directing, capturing and editing promotional media content and curriculum through projects such as:

-photos for the website (wordpress) and social media sites

-edit photos to be uploaded for promotional use and post 

-photograph teen and parent interviews and testimonials,

-document events that occur within the program such as summer retreats

-record, produce and edit promotional photos for event campaigns

-organize and obtain paperwork for release forms, authorizations, confirming copy write laws, etc.

-upload content captured into shared Google Albums and organize photos captured to be easily accessible

-create and direct short photo shoots with teen actors that pertain to certain lesson content (optional add-on assignment)

-create short photo sessions with teen models to have staged interactions for media content (optional add-on assignment)

-recruit teen actors and models willing to volunteer for photo productions (optional add-on assignment)

This intern will need to be discreet, kind, and have a good affect to work well with teens while taking pictures at the events, be proficient at and have access to photo equipment (camera can be provided), editing software (like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom or iPhoto, or similar), as well as a mind for contributing to brainstorming and strategizing ideas with the program director during each project.

Good candidate will be able to drive to on-site 60 minute meetings in Beaverton 1-2 times monthly, with weekly visits in the first month. Will be available by phone and e-mail to check in on progress and able to meet deadlines for various projects. Can easily collaborate with other interns who will be working on the graphic branding design, and written content.

Prefer a candidate who can devote time to working on projects given at least 3-10 hours weekly, and is available to follow-through on promotional projects starting May and into next winter if more hours are desired, as well as physically present extended hours during the July/August summer events.

Intern for this position will receive class credit for the work completed, have material created to add to a personal work portfolio, and a letter of recommendation from the physician/director/founder.

Do you have a passion for helping teens raise their self-esteem, reach their full potential and change the world?

Please send a resume and letter of intent to the director, Dr. Paula Pilcher, at [email protected]

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