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A Holistic Approach to Supporting Teens and Tweens

As a healthcare professional, you know that our world faces both health and social crises that often find their beginnings early in life. Our programs utilize the best knowledge available in integrative healthcare, including biology, biochemistry, neurology, endocrinology, anatomy, physiology, psychology, and sociology. Founder Dr. Paula Pilcher’s data indicates that Empowerteen’s participants leave their teen years as happier, better-adjusted contributors to themselves and the world around them.

Empowerteen’s programs can be an effective complement to several therapies aimed at building relatedness, resilience, and confidence in young people.

If you want to get involved, we welcome your participation. Volunteer with us.

Find out how you can utilize our research-driven programs to benefit the adolescents with which you work.

One-on-one services are also provided for teens at Dr. Paula’s medical clinic.






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3800 SW Cedar Hills Blvd, Suite 105, Beaverton, OR 97005

Conveniently located 1 block from TriMet Bus and MAX Transit Stops.

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