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Summer Burnout

Summer Burnout

Depending on what school you go to, summer break has been going on for a bit of a while now. For me, summer break began late May. So, one month down, two to go. It’s been an eventful summer so far. I started with high spirits and a long list of things I wanted to get done. I like to read and, for reasons that escape me, the books I want to read always seem to be released in the middle of the school year. I always start the summer with a reading list a page or two long.

This summer I need to consider grad schools, GRE prep, personal essays, writing samples and, of course, a summer job. So, it will probably not be a surprise to hear that this is usually the point in summer break when I start to feel kind of done with summer break. It’s kind of a mix of exhaustion and boredom. Boredom because a summer job entails doing so many of the same things day in and day out which leaves me feeling stagnant and contributes to my exhaustion. This is usually the point where the things on my list start getting abandoned. Which isn’t how I want to spend the summer. So this is usually the point where I need to start reevaluating.

I need to ask myself honestly how much I think I can do in a day before burnout. I usually start scheduling things in small bites. It’s less daunting and it’s easier to continue than get started. A body in motion stays in motion. The hardest part is being honest with myself. I don’t want to spend time doing nothing. I want to go, go, go. But I need to take time off to get things done. I need to be honest with myself or I burnout and don’t get anything done. So, this month I am going to schedule myself that time. And, hopefully, this month, I will finish my list.

Written by an Empowerteen Creative Writer Student Intern:

Lilia Watt (Senior at Willamette University, Creative Writing Major)


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