What Teens are Saying…

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“I have way more self-confidence now!” 16 years old

“It has helped me a lot with my anxiety.” 15 years old

“You learn things that can be used throughout your life, not just one time.” 18 years old

“I liked the parts about managing burnout and stress management. Also all the relationship discussions.”  17 years old

“I’ll use the ‘cross-crawl’ technique for sure…that is awesome!”  14 years old

“The relationship goals personally helped me. Thank you so much!” 17 years old

“I want to share everything I learned! I want to share Dr. Paula, she’s amazing. Her program is soo helpful in so many ways. I feel honored to be taught by her. I learned so much!”  17 years old

“Everything was very helpful, especially the skin care and relationship advice.”  16 years old

“The whole thing was very uplifting.” 16 years old

“The dancing was my favorite part!” 17 years old

“My advice to everyone is to join this program!” 18 years old

“I feel happier about myself.” 15 years old

“I had a lot of fun and will be back next year!” 16 years old

“I liked the self-talk strategies, they were very useful.” 16 years old

“It taught me to be myself and how to deal with unwanted situations.” 16 years old

“Skin care!  Awesome!”  15 years old

“I learned how to be successful and confident.” 17 years old

“I feel like I know how to take care of myself better now.” 15 years old

“I loved the yoga and meditation the most.” 15 years old

“It helped me a lot with my anger management issues and understanding how to handle a conflict.  I feel calmer.” 16 years old

“I will definitely be back next year for more!”  15 years old

“The ‘labels’ lesson really spoke to me, and I loved how self-love oriented the program was!”  16 years old

“It teaches you valuable lessons and gives you tools for life.”  17 years old

“This really teaches you valuable lessons and gives you tools for life.”  17 years old

“I learned to be more confident on what I want to accomplish.  The last day’s activity was my favorite!”  14 years old

“It gave me different views on life.”  18 years old

“Everything I learned was very useful!”  18 years old

“I found this so helpful, especially the part about letting go.”  15 years old

“I know I want to be more assertive, now that I know how to.”  15 years old

“Everything was so positive, I loved it! I now understand that letting go of toxic people and positively moving on with life will help me move forward.”  18 years old

“It helped me a lot with my stress.”  15 years old

“The meditations helped me calm down my anger.”  15 years old

“It really helped a lot and was fun.”   14 years old

“I learned how to overcome labels and how to live with kindness, good communication, posture and confidence.”   18 years old

“Everything was so good.  I learned the importance of kindness, a positive attitude, and to love myself as I am.”  16 years old

“I loved this program!”  16 years old

“I’ll remember most the part about letting go.”  17 years old

“I will definitely use the assertive talking techniques.”  15 years old

“The dancing made me so happy!  I want more dancing!”  17 years old

“I really liked learning ways to feel more confident and positive self talk.  More dancing, please!”  18 years old

“It was helpful and I liked the MELT, skin products, and relationship stuff.”  15 years old

“It was VERY interesting!  I liked all of the techniques I learned.”  14 years old

“I liked the dancing, yoga, and nature hikes.”  14 years old

“I feel like I know how to be more assertive and do positive self talk.”  15 years old

“I liked everything!  The cross-crawl was cool.”  16 years old

“It was fun and I liked the positive self-talk.  I want to do more dancing!”  14 years old

“I loved everything, everything, everything!  I’d like to keep doing yoga.”  16 years old

“I liked the activities that got us moving and the communication tools.”  17 years old

“It was so helpful and useful.  I really liked the skin care day.”  14 years old

“It was relatable and taught really well.  My take-away was the positive self-talk.”  16 years old

“I thought it was very useful for now and the future.  I want more yoga, meditation, and nature walks.”  18 years old

“I’ve been more relaxed with the tools I’ve learned.  My favorite was the yoga and dancing and nature walks and skin care.”  18 years old

 ”I like being outside a lot. I learned how to have a positive life, be assertive, and think about what I’m putting into my body.”  18 years old

“This program teaches important life skills.  I benefitted most from the positive self talk and about not using labels.”  15 years old

“I liked that it was helpful and relevant.  The tools I’ll use are posture and confidence.”  14 years old

“I liked everything about this, and really the self-confidence and self talk!”  16 years old

“I just want Dr. Paula to keep up the fun, exciting, and happy personality she has.”  16 years old

“Can’t wait to attend the next summer retreat!”  16 years old

“I liked that we were taught to love ourselves.  I learned how to have more power within myself.”  15 years old

“My favorite parts were the group share discussions.  I’m coming back for more of that!”  14 years old

“Yoga.  I needed yoga.  I’d never done yoga.  I love yoga.”  16 years old

“I wish we would have danced every day!”  16 years old

“I loved everything.  Dr. Paula is amazing!  This has helped me so much, and also, Dr. Paula is amazing! :) ”  17 years old

“I can’t believe how helpful this was.  I really liked the yoga and want to do more of it!”  17 years old

“I will remember this!  I want to remember everything I learned here!”  14 years old

“This was very helpful and applicable for every day life.  I want to do more nature walks, meditation, and yoga.  I’m ready to use what I learned about posture and positive self-talk.  Overall, I loved this program.  Thank you Dr. Paula!”  16 years old

“I liked learning about how power poses actually help boost your level of confidence, and the dancing activities we did.”  16 years old

“There isn’t a single thing at all I would change about this program.  I feel like I’ve been helped by the posture tools and get rid of my negative talk.”  16 years old

“I enjoyed everything, but mostly the confidence part and labels thing.”  15 years old

“I liked sharing, the positive self talk, communication, and skin care.”  16 years old

“I found it useful for a lot of things and will remember the communication skills most.  Loved the excitement and positivity.”  16 years old

“I felt it helped me develop as a person.  Really liked the high power poses!”  17 years old


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-Arts and Communication Magnet Academy (ACMA) High School and Middle School {0.3 mi away walk}
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-Mountain View Middle School {3 mi away}
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