ET logo EmpowerteenEmpowerteen is a teen empowerment wellness program utilizing mental-emotional-physical-social preventive health education, yoga, movement, and music, to give teenagers skills to develop a powerful awareness of strength in self.  Topics covered in the program include building self-confidence, positive self-talk, effective communication, stress management, cultivating healthy relationships,  increasing body image, disconnecting from technology to connect mind to body, conflict resolution, developing mindfulness and empathy, and rising above self-disserving labels, using the latest scientific understanding and research in biology, biochemistry, neurology, endocrinology, quantum physics, anatomy, physiology, psychology, and sociology, as tools to develop these skills.

These tools are developed to help give teens the opportunity to build and create their future, connect to each other and their community with loving kindness, and prevent or manage many of the mental challenges adolescents face, such as low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, chronic anger, eating disorders, inadequate social skills, attention fatigue, dysfunctional relationships, identity crises, inability to focus, poor nutrition, sedentary habits, hormonal imbalances, fear of missing out, addiction, co-dependence, decreased body image, negative self-talk, bullying, abuse, and the search or struggle for their sense of belonging.  All adolescents  wrestle with one or more of these challenges off and on throughout this time in their life.  Dr. Paula’s professional experience has given her reason to believe, and data to prove, that if given the proper tools, they can be empowered to face these challenges head-on as a short chapter of their life that will bring them into adulthood as a happier, more full-filled and well-adjusted contributor to themselves and the world around them.

Empowerteen believes strongly that the tools learned in this program are vital to the course of our future as a society, and are the preventive measures needed to counter many of the health and social crises our world faces today.

Founded by Naturopathic family care physician, licensed massage therapist, certified fitness instructor, doula, former high school teacher, and a former counselor at a group home for troubled teens, Dr. Paula Pilcher has a Bachelors of Science in Secondary Education, Biology and Psychology, and a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Natural Childbirth Midwifery.  Dr. Paula formed the Empowerteen program in 2013 to give ALL adolescents the best that integrative medicine has to offer, no matter their upbringing, background or circumstances, with the belief that ALL adolescents are ‘at risk’ during this pivotal time of change.


The Empowerteen program has thus far taken on different avenues of exploring and practicing teaching these skills including:

–> a once-a-week 8 week series in a High School,

–> a semester-long daily high school class curriculum for health credit,

–> a co-ed after school class with 8 offerings per quarter (Fall, Winter, and Spring)

–> a week-long intensive girls summer retreat for Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers,

–> a “big sis mentoring” program, for girls 17-22 years old, for volunteer or community service hrs,

–> a summer school class prepping 8th graders for 9th grade (building confidence/ social skills),

–> various guest speaking wellness lectures at High Schools and Middle Schools,

–> teen dance fitness and teen yoga (during P.E. classes and offered after school in the gyms),

–> variety of curriculum & workshop offerings at High School and Middle School health fairs,

–> confidence and esteem/team-building workshops for teen/tween cheerleading camps,

–> internship credit program for college students ages 18-24,

–> currently working on an online intensive program for virtual offerings out of state

–> hoping to offer the first week-long intensive boys summer retreat for Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers,


In each series that has involved multiple meetings with teens, before the first day they anonymously take the Rosenburg’s Self Esteem questionnaire, and the Actuals vs. Ideals Body Image questionnaire, as well as a data-collection form to give a statistical baseline of their current life challenges and perceptions of stressors.  After the last day they then repeat these questionnaires, as well as a feedback form where they give input about the value they found in the program.  Thus far, each avenue has shown a significant increase in scores on both questionnaires, and elated feedback with a demand for more.  To get more information about the data and research collected by Dr. Paula, send her an e-mail at dr.paula@empowerteen.org.  To read the open-ended written answers that teens have given on the feedback forms, go to the “What Teens Are Saying” page of this website.  To read what parents are saying about this program after their children complete it, click here.

If you are interested in having the Empowerteen program integrated at your school in any of these or other formats, send a message to info@empowerteen.org


Here’s more information about the upcoming after school program for Middle School Girls and High School Girls… 


Empowerteen 2017 Fall After School Program!

Pure 8 Yoga Studio presents the Empowerteen After School Series!
Empowerteens will get the opportunity to practice fun activities like yoga, dance, and meditation in this 8 week series while learning skills to improve self-esteem, confidence, body image, self-talk, and gain tools for managing stress and healthy relationships in their lives. This mental, emotional, and physical wellness series will also include peer-driven support topics during the share group portion to reinforce self-love and acceptance through connecting with others using empathy, gratitude, and kindness. Empowerteens will also learn yoga and mediation practices to use in their daily lives. This program is run by a naturopathic doctor who is also certified in group fitness instruction, and is a former high school teacher and teen group counselor.
Dates: September 20th to November 8th, 2017 (9/20/17 – 11/08/17)
Times (in coordination with early release Wednesdays):
High School (14-18 years old) Wednesdays, 1:45pm – 3:00pm
Middle School (11-13 years old) Wednesdays, 3:30pm – 4:45pm
8 Week Series – $188
4 Week Drop Ins –  $108
Single Session Drop In – $28
(financial assistance is available)
PURE 8 Yoga Studio is conveniently located right next the Beaverton Transit Center and is the following distance from the schools below:
-Beaverton High School {0.7 mi away walk}
-Merlo Station High School {8 min on MAX}
-Aloha High School {20 min on bus 52}
-Arts and Communication Magnet Academy (ACMA) High School and Middle School {0.3 mi away walk}
-Cedar Park Middle School {2 mi away}
-Highland Park Middle School {2.3 mi away}
-Mountain View Middle School {3 mi away}
-Whitford Middle School {2.9 mi away}
To sign up for the After School Program, sign up at: www.pure8hotyogastudio.com/Empowerteen
Learn more about Pure 8 Yoga Studio here